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Technological innovation, leading the market. Delunshi new product release

Summer has come. In this scorching summer, the outdoor temperature can reach 40-60℃, especially the surface temperature in the south can be "fried eggs". At this temperature, if you stay outdoors for too long, it is easy to get heat stroke. Turning on the air conditioner indoors has become a daily life for people, but the air conditioner is blown for a long time, and it is easy to cause air-conditioning diseases. In order to better respond to market demand, Guangdong Shunde Delens Coating Co., Ltd., after continuous research and development by its technical team, solemnly launches heat insulation and energy saving The series of texture products have received enthusiastic responses from customers and the market.

Thermal insulation paint is a new energy-saving thermal insulation coating that integrates reflection, radiation and barrier functions. The coating can highly reflect the visible light and near-infrared light in the range of 400~2500nm, effectively preventing the heat accumulation of sunlight; its anti-sun mechanism is that the particulate structure in the coating component has a comprehensive effect on the infrared and thermal visible light wavelengths caused by solar radiation. The ultra-high reflectivity, coupled with the high conductivity and rapid heat dissipation characteristics of the special microstructure components of the coating components, makes more than 95% of the solar radiation energy not absorbed by the building body, achieving the purpose of avoiding the temperature rise in the building body.


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